Tino Tedesco INSTRUMENTS - what's new?

+++ 26th april 2024

The production of the new tiltback neck basses has started! Straight neck basses will still be available but are not the standard anymore! 

20240423 2138322

+++ 25th june 2023


Soon available!


+++ 6th june 2022
808 4 21 web
Ready for delivery ... beautiful flamed maple top with a matching headstock!

+++ 22nd september 2019

Why not? Strat style jacks can look sexy, too ...

IMG 20190921 144048

+++ 20th september 2019

We are ready for your Evertune Bridge Modifications! Not for the faint of heart but works like a charm and stays in tune whatever you do! 

Evertune 10
Evertune 7

+++ 28th august 2019

What a beautiful project this has been! As of August 2019 we are offering the headless option on various models! Not everybody's cup of tea but since I absolutely love it, there you have it ...

IMG 20190826 145227

+++ 8th july 2019

We are working on a Demo Video for the 6/22 Guitar ... stay tuned!

IMG 20190124 111627

+++ 6th July 2019

Holy cow!!!! We have been so busy the last years that we forgot to update the site regularly :-) ... well, time flies when you're having fun! Among other things we have had some serious fun getting into the 6 string world ... two beautiful 6/24 basses and the first 6/22 Custom Guitar prototype have been completed ... more to come soon! 

866 6 24 web
821 6 24 web

+++ 15th September 2016

Our 4/24 and 5/24 models are now available with either a teardrop pickguard (pictured) for a modern old school look or with a standard pickguard and control plate combination for a more traditional vintage look!

859 4 24 modernvintage web

What a great review of our beautiful Tino Tedesco 4/24 including some fantastic and accurate sound samples! Check it out here http://www.bonedo.de/artikel/einzelansicht/tino-tedesco-tt424-test.html

+++ 17th September 2015 

We are very proud to announce our collaboration with london - based  bass extraordinaire Matt Round! Matt is a serious pro with an even more serious curriculum! check him out here https://www.facebook.com/mattroundbass?fref=ts and on the oncoming tour with james morrison (http://www.jamesmorrisonmusic.com/)

 20150915 212835

+++ 18th February 2015 

Mr. Luca Leombruni works hard for Soul's Revival and knows how to Rock! Preorder the album on www.soulsrevival.com 


+++ 12th February 2015

We have added 2 exceptionally beautiful basses to our in stock page! do yourself a favour and have a look ... we have also changed the preamp layout on some models featuring the audereaudio classic 4 band preamp! 

884 4 24 fretless

+++ 24th November 2014

Check out this beautiful BIG BOY model at the NAMM show 2015 (22 - 25 january 2015, anaheim / USA) at the Nordstrand Pickups booth # 4291!



889 romantic

+++ 19th August 2014

We proudly announce the newest member of the ever growing Tino Tedesco Basses family, Mr. Emmi Lichtenhahn! A mainstay in the professional swiss music landscape for years, he has laid down some massive low end on numerous major tours, recordings and TV shows ... 


+++ 4th June 2014

A great review in the german bassmagazine BASSPROFESSOR of one of our most beautiful basses to date ... this 5/21 has it all and is featured on the cover! Enjoy the read, the pics and the soundfiles on http://www.bassprofessor.info/

BP 2014-3 Titel 236

+++ 25th February 2014

We have officially added *roasted* maple necks and fingerboards to our options! The first two basses have been completed, the results are awesome and both basses will be featured in extensive magazine reviews later this year! Next will be *roasted* bodies ... let's see what the future brings! Stay tuned bass people ...

20140127 092901

+++ 4th January 2014


We are up to lots of good things in 2014, stay tuned!

Roasted maple necks will soon be available as an option on all our models! 

Look out for our basic models *The Primal* 4/21 and *The Primal* 5/21 that will soon be available at a very interesting price point giving the possibility also to younger players to enjoy a well made and great sounding instrument built without compromise in quality and features! Have a look at the pre series model and tell us what you think ... 

905 5 21 modernvintage web ThePrimal

+++ 13th november 2013

We welcome Mr. Matt Round into the Tino Tedesco Basses player family! Matt stays busy playing bass for  James Morrison and lots of other acts and is playing one of our 5/21 basses on http://www.bbc.co.uk/events/ejfbj5 broadcast by BBC ... we are *very amused* :-)


+++ 25th october 2013

The in stock page has been updated with 2 gorgeous private stock 5/24 basses! 

+++ 12th February 2013

The new Hipshot bridges with our logo arrived today and exceeded all expectations! Beautiful, quality products coupled to a stellar customer care service is what makes Hipshot stand out! 

Hipshot B style TT custom

+++ 21st January 2013

Please welcome our newest models, the BIG BOY 4/21 and BIG BOY 5/21! these will be available with the "old school look" or with one of our gorgeous topwoods, your choice of pickups and preamps and in your preferred finish! this is our first model with the new 2-way trussrod which allows to adjust the neck in both ways! the BIG BOYS are full of new features and small additions ... we have been working almost a year on this one and honestly, we are very proud of it! 

BQ tinotedesco -buckeye-burl2 - Kopie

+++ 9th January 2013

Belated but HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2013 started very well, lots of new things coming up, the new Big Boy 4/21 and 5/21 are in their final stages and will be in stock in a couple of days! We have finally been able to solidify our relationship with Dave Meadows of www.audereaudio.com , his active bass preamps are amazing, sound terrific and complement the aguilar preamps very well that we have been using for a decade now ... 

We also wanted to thank all bass enthusiast from all over the world for their increasing interest in our beautiful basses ... never hesitate to contact us, we welcome all inquieries! 

And this one goes out to all our japanese friends ... 

私たちの国内代理店であるR-MID 荒金 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) までお知らせくださいますよう宜しくお願い申し上げます。


+++ 7th November 2012

Meeting Ethan Farmer yesterday at hallenstadion zurich / switzerland ... he checked out a couple of basses during soundcheck and spontaneously decided to use one of our 4/21 basses for the first part of the Lionel Richie concert ... what an honour and what a great guy to hang with! do yourself a favour and check him out at www.ethan-farmer.com 


+++ 18th October 2012

Check the galleries for two new instruments! a beautiful arctic white PJ bass with block inlays and binding with a classy look and murder sound! the second instrument is a very nice tele - style guitar, mary kay white and tortoise binding ... she's to die for!




+++ 23 August 2012

Please check out the new product video of our italian performing artist Giorgio Santisi! A great video that concentrates on the qualities and features of the Tino Tedesco 5/21 bass! No gimmicks, no tricks, what you hear is what you get! Grazie Giorgio!


+++ 29 July 2012

We have updated our gallery with 2 brandnew basses! Have a look and enjoy ...

Please notice that starting AUGUST 2012  build time for new instruments is 4-6 months.

Our media guru has created some new ads that you will soon see in the german bass mags Bassquarterly and Bassprofessor! Keep an eye on it Wink


+++ 6 May 2012


Time is flying when you're having fun ... and we're actually having a blast! 13 new basses in the works, most are sold already but we will soon have some beauties for in-stock readily available in our showroom.


I am very proud and thankful to have a strong partner that will lead and help us in our new goals for the next months: it's evil and it's called CAD, Computer Aided Design! Mr. Renato Burkhart who also shoots all our instrument pix will assist us in this new and extremely exciting project! We are already working (literally day and night!!) on a new bass model entirely designed with the aid of CAD! More to come ... stay tuned, it will blow your mind!



+++ 20 February 2012


We have updated our in-stock page with two gorgeous 4/24 basses! check them out ...

I am very proud to announce a new member to our team of performing artists: please welcome Grischka Zepf from Hannover / Germany ... he's a very active player and will be on the FOREVER GOLD TOUR with ABBA MANIA in Germany in the next couple of weeks!

Stay tuned for more!


Be good,

Tino Tedesco



+++ 29 January 2012


I can proudly announce that we are now able to offer binding and block inlays on all our necks!!


best, Tino Tedesco



+++ 21 January 2012


We have moved into our new shop and the new showroom is finally up and running! It's been a drag but totally worth it ... please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit, we would love to hear from you! There are also some new basses in stock, some have been sold and some are being built ... currently in production are two beautiful 4/24 models with breathtaking tops'n'stuff ;) as always, stay tuned for more ...


talk soon, Tino Tedesco





+++ 10 December 2011


Time flies when you're having fun! It's been a while since the last news update and lots of good things have happened, lots of great new stuff coming up ... we are very proud of another new TinoTedesco performing artist: please welcome Mr. Klaus Alberti from Hannover/D, a very active live and studio bassplayer for numerous german top acts!


welcome onboard my man!!



+++ 28 October 2011


We have updated our in-stock page with some beautiful new instruments including our first 5 string bass with block inlays and binding! a real beauty and a player's dream ... in the next couple of weeks we will have some 4 string basses ready, one 21 fret and three 24 fret instruments! new features of the upcoming basses will be inserts and machine screws for attaching the back plates and an internal battery compartment! Stay tuned for even more great news ...


Best, Tino Tedesco



+++ 13 September 2011


Please check out the 2 great reviews of our brandnew five/twentyfour basses in the bassquarterly magazine (www.bassquarterly.de) and in the bassprofessor magazine (www.bassprofessor.de)!! Already in the making and soon available; 4 and 5 string, 21 or 24 fret models with beautiful block inlays and binding! Stay tuned for more ...




+++ 12 August 2011


The brandnew five/twentyone models are ready and available for purchase! Have a look at the first 2 basses in the gallery ... the next batch will be ready in about 6 weeks and will also include a classically styled P/J five/twentyone that will mount Custom Shop Seymour Duncan pickups! We are very excited about the collaboration with Kevin Beller from the SD Custom Shop and believe that these pickups will give our basses a true vintage voice with a modern edge ... that's exactly what the doctor ordered :-)



Tino Tedesco



TT basses - tinotedesco.com+++ 10 May 2011


Finally the brandnew 24 fret basses are available!! We have 2 gorgeous models up and running: new features include a 34.5" scale, chambered bodies, black pinstripe accent for an extremely elegant look and a variety of new pickups and custom onboard preamps ... please check our up-to-date gallery! Hope you enjoy it!



Tino Tedesco



+++ 25 February 2011


The first bass with the new headstock is ready!! check the up-to-date gallery and tell us what you think ...


+++ 1.February 2011


We have updated the people and basses gallery with some very nice pix of our clients taking good care of their TT basses ... playing them live!!! Real basses for real bassplayers :-)

Still working hard on our newly designed basses; shortly there will be five new basses available, three 24 fret monsters and two classically styled 21 fret basses! Stay tuned ...





+++ 14.January 2011


Please welcome Mister Magnus Eugenson to the family of TT Basses performing artists! Magnus is currently on tour in europe with ABBA - The Show ... check it out on www.abba-the-show.com ... a huge tour, a huge show needs a huge bass sound! Magnus relys on one of our 5 string hollow jazz basses, show after show! For our swiss friends; if you would like to see Magnus in action, he will be performing on 20th January in Zurich Hallenstadion. Thank you for the music Magnus ...